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buffalo robes, blankets and choice breasts of meat,
to be burned on the big fire, so that they might
be transformed Into 'spirit matter" and be taken
up for use by the spirits of the deceased,, who are
supposed to be present In spirit form.

Boom, boom^ boom., boom! Four thundering beats
on the big war-drum would announce that the
dance was to start at once. Then, boomboom,
boomboom—the regular cadence of the war-dance
would be taken up by the drums, and the singers
would start their dolorous, haunting chant, which
would last all night. 'Hie-hie, hie-yeh, hie-
yo-hj hie-yoh/ And our fathers would come
prancing Into the crowded lodge, stripped to their
breech-cloths, painted all over, and uttering
short, gruff grunts as they stamped their feet—•
thump~/^&OT/», thump-thump—-and started to circle
around the glowing blaze in the centre of the

At first they dance mildly, with much dignity
and grace of movement. Then, as the chanting
and beating grows louder and wilder, they start
to work themselves up into a warlike frenzy,
shouting, cWhoo-whoop, hy-hyuh', and gradually
jumping higher and higher as they circle the
booming tom-toms. A wild, strange light comes
over their features. Their bodies weave up and
down like fighting roosters; their teeth gleam
white In the firelight; and their eyes, beaming a